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A New Morning Ritual

Those have attended my walks have heard me praise medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail. Adding these fungi to your routine strengthens your memory, focus, and your immune system. MudWTR has both, as well as turmeric and reishi (anti-inflammation), chaga, cordyceps, and cacao (antioxidants), and chai spices. It’s sold as a coffee alternative,…

Happy 1st birthday to us!

It’s hard to believe we started about a year ago. In the span of two months, the Forest Lore Tour became one of the most popular tours in Salem. We vaccinated to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We overcame many obstacles, volunteered with the Friends of Salem Woods, and took time to learn more…

Marketing Designs

We enlisted the help of New Morrow Solutions to take care of our flyers, business cards, logo, and sticker/merchandise designs, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. Check them out below! Stickers Business Cards Flyers

The Forest Lore Tour has been a dream project for years. I’ve worked with other tour companies in Salem, but as a nature enthusiast, my passion is educating people about the plants and ecosystem, and how that ties in to my life philosophy and other interests. I am a believer in science and a skeptic…

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