The Forest Lore Tour has been a dream project for years. I’ve worked with other tour companies in Salem, but as a nature enthusiast, my passion is educating people about the plants and ecosystem, and how that ties in to my life philosophy and other interests.

I am a believer in science and a skeptic at heart, and I plan to use this blog space as a platform to promote truth and ideas toward a more sustainable future.

Our Forest Lore Tour is one-of-its-kind and a breath of fresh air in the busy tourist-town of Salem, MA. This guided walk is a custom blend of history, science, and philosophy, with nature as our backdrop. Each guest (age 5+) receives a crystal. Tickets are now available on TripAdvisor.

This will be a year-round experience because Salem Woods always has something different to see. We hope to see you soon!

Published by morrowshroom

The Mushroom Witch: Artist. Gamer. Herbalist. Tour Guide. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and Discord, @morrowshroom

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