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Walk with a Witch

The Salem Forest Lore Tour explores the crossroads of science, history, and folklore during this 60-90 minute mild trek through magical Salem Woods. Step away from the bustle of downtown and connect with nature on Salem’s most unique tour.

We take you into one of the few remaining wild places in the area, where you learn from a practicing Witch, what it means to experience real magic, why nature is so important, and how to integrate ancient knowledge into modern life.

What You’ll Discover

Connecting with nature

Learn about useful plants and mushrooms, no matter what season.

History and Folklore

Lift the veil and find magic in the most unexpected places.


Explore valuable ways you can respect and give back to the planet.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A beautiful, informative, and entertaining tour!

The Forest Lore Tour was the last thing we did while visiting Salem and Boston, MA, and we are so happy that we did! The walk was absolutely beautiful and we learned a lot about nature and the Wiccan culture. Unie was charismatic & upbeat and made the hike very entertaining. We would absolutely recommend this tour for anyone looking to do something off the beaten path.

Leigh T. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“…the best tour I’ve ever taken in Salem!!!

I’ve taken a TON of tours in Salem, MA over the years but this NEW tour was (dare I say) the best one ever! We took a walk through a beautiful forest – that I didn’t even know existed in Salem – and the guide, along with her “Bard,” was so so so knowledgeable and broke down witchcraft, etc. in a way that made it less about “halloween witches” and more about regular witchcraft. Highly, highly recommend.

Anthony C.

Photos from the walk